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The artist, Jennifer Wilson

life is the art of drawing without an eraser

I'm a Denver-based encaustic painter and graphic designer who studied art and graphic design at Colorado State University, and following graduation, moved back to Denver and have remained here ever since. 


After years as an oil and watercolor painter, a friend encouraged me to take an encaustics workshop at the Art Students League of Denver. From the first fuse, I fell in love with everything about the medium—from the smell of the wax to the magical way it fuses each layer together, inviting both intention and chance.

I enjoy building layers of rich color and texture—add this, scrape away that. The physical act of creating—the interweaving of the parts to make a whole. I often incorporate collage elements into my paintings. Anything from vintage buttons and bus tokens to cyanotypes and monoprints I create myself.

The wonderment when it all comes together and I say done. Now it's out there to tell a story, to bring a little beauty or joy, or spark some long-lost memory.


Recent press

"Trained as a graphic designer, Wilson adheres to traditional design principles such as employing contrasting colors, creating a focal point, and paying attention to the hierarchy of elements. However, she also incorporates spontaneous splashes of color that disrupt these conventional norms. She reveals her willingness to embrace chance and inject an element of defiance into what could have been a saccharine composition."


Read the entire review by Daria Magazine. 

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